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Geo Coordinates

Latitude: 49.283772
Longitude: 19.965903

Part B

The new part of the Villa Amata - a modern house built in the traditional style of the region. The new part is organically combined with the wooden part. Rooms are generally spacious, some with balconies, stairwells and hallways wider and more comfortable.

List of rooms:

Venice Carnival

Cost (the breakfast is included): 250 zł


Double DeLux room (28m2).

Additional personal + 60 zł.

2 additional persons + 110 zł.

Price in "Low season": 220,00 zł.

Venice style – this is an amazing combination of different cultures and historical époques. Style, that was influenced by Venice with it’s unique and inimitable architecture, incarnated in itself elegant luxury and dignity of the classical lines, elegance of forms and filigree lightness, greatness of proportion and harmony. And Venice Carnival...

French Provence

Cost (the breakfast is included): 250 zł


Double DeLux room with balcony (21m2).

Additional personal + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 220,00 zł.

We often miss the calmness and cosiness in our fast life. The pieces of interior implemented in original and beautiful style Provence can help us to create the unique atmosphere of harmony.

The principle of Provence style is the touch of antiquity, tranquility and charm. And what does the Provence associate with? Summer, sun, herbal smells, fields in bloom, taste of fresh milk,...

Oriental ornament

Cost (the breakfast is included): 250 zł


Double DeLux room with balcony (25m2).

Additional person + 60 zł.

2 additional persons + 110 zł.

Price in "Low season": 220,00 zł.

Wide spread in various countries oriental style was modified a bit with decorative elements, distinctive for each separate country. The main features – luxury and attractiveness, that create warmness and cosiness in the house – invariable attribute of oriental interior. Forged metal elements and bright textile are used in the décor....

British tradition

Cost (the breakfast is included): 230 zł


Double DeLux Room with balcony (19m2).

Additional person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 195,00 zł.

English style – moderate luxury. It is combined with refinement and good style, features conservatism and provides for slow life path. The room is decorated in the classical style with eclectic element, that are peculiar to colonial traditions of Great Britain. Harmonic combination of European and Oriental cultures in the colonial style make it really original, ecologic and comfortable...

Mexican room

Cost (the breakfast is included): 360 zł

Quadruple studio room (36m2).   

Price in "Low season": 300,00 zł.                        

Mexican Style – a real discovery for those who like bright and colorful life. Fresh colors and eye- catching details improve your mood the whole year round. Sun, green plants, fresh air. These associations will fill your vacation with unforgettable impressions. Real...

Russian room

Cost (the breakfast is included): 360 zł


Quadruple two-room apartment  (45 m2).

Additional person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 320,00 zł.


We created the fantasy version of Russian style – colorful and bright. Real wood, home made textile style and drawings from Russian fairy tails that add the room the charm of naïve simplicity of the house from the childhood. The apartment has two separate rooms  with big double bed in one room and two separate single beds and private bathroom...

Аlpine chalet

Cost (the breakfast is included): 270 zł


Family room with mezzanine (25m2).

Additional person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 240,00 zł.

The interiors in alpine style are mainly associated with simplicity and rural cosiness. The domination of wood, almost complete absence of modern artificial materials, exquisite simplicity of décor – the characteristics features of chalet interior. There are noticeable alpine motives: mountain flowers and animals, pine trees, mountains. Real luxury, as stated by the most famous designers...

American ranch

Cost (the breakfast is included): 330 zł


Family room with mezzanine (29m2).

Price in "Low season": 290,00 zł.

American ranch style is the cosiness and naturalness. It creates the perfect atmosphere for friendly conversation, meeting of old friends and simple evening get – together with a cup of coffee with family.  Sincerity, comfort and freedom are reflected in this style. There are big tall windows in the room and wooden mezzanine in the deliberately rough style, without carving – for sleeping and playing of the young guests.