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Geo Coordinates

Latitude: 49.283772
Longitude: 19.965903

Part A

The wooden part of the Villa Amata is located in the shade of green, and it seems that nature has penetrated into the house. Branches, bark, wood heat and a lot of green plants. For those who loves to walk through the old garden and appreciate the simplicity and naturalness, we advise to settle it in the old wooden part of the hotel. Crunched underfoot wooden staircase, old wooden windows, feeling the atmosphere of the past century will leave you with unforgettable memories.

List of rooms:

Apartment Classic

Cost (the breakfast is included): 420 zł

Two-room 42 m2 appartment "Classics" in traditional regional style.  There is a perfect mix of old-style and modern elements that underline eco-style of the house. Individual special elements of the interior create the special free style, where you feel easy and comfortable. There is a kitchenette in the appartment, where guests can cook their own meals equipped with fridge and a microwave.  Big family can comfortable sit at the big  dining table. In the evening guests can coisily watch TV with lightened candles in the chimney place. Large open south terrace...

Music Room

Cost (the breakfast is included): 135 zł

Single room (13m2) for 1 person.

Additional person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season":  110,00 zł.

We have managed to get the „music sound” in the small cosy room by decorating it with photos of the famous musicians, musical symbols and pictures. The result is the romantic, ironic and stylish interior.

There is a comfortable double bed with antiallergic highly comfortable mattress, LCD TV-set, WiFi Internet, fridge, kettle, private bathroom with shower cabin.


Marine Room

Cost (the breakfast is included): 195 zł

Double room (15m2).                                        

Additional person: + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season":  175,00 zł.

Yellow sand, soft sun, sea breeze and tender waves. Such a nice dream in the rush of a big city. We managed to create this fascinating atmosphere...

Summer garden

Cost (the breakfast is included): 195 zł


Double room (15m2).

Additional person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 175,00 zł.

There are so many nice little pleasures that summer brings us, often in numerous quantity. Lots of beautiful flowers – they come one after another, blooming in the gardens and on the flower beds. Warbles of birds in their natural environment – fascinates you and makes you forget that soon you will return to your big city, where the full – time residents are only sparrows and pigeons… And if there are flowers combined...


Cost (the breakfast is included): 290 zł


Triple Studio - Room (25m2).

Additional Person + 60 zł.

Price in "Low season": 250,00 zł.

Hot African breath in the interior – this is always the brave exotics. Colors of soil  and fire - Terra cota,  ochre, chocolate, venge, bright – orange. The walls of the room are decorated with photos of African animals, stylish masks and ornamental flower pots. Your personal home Africa is aviating for you – warm, but not too hot, full of adrenalin, but absolutely safe. This is the unusual...