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Villa Amata was built in the first half of the last century and was finished and reconstructed in 2013. Creation of it’s new image is the result of the creative cooperation of several designers, who were working on development  and implementation of the modern style concept, meanwhile preserving the charm of the ancient house.

The main idea that was the base of the decoration of the villa is the possibility to plunge into the atmosphere not only of the local style, but also different countries: East, South and Central Europe, America, Africa, Britain. There are 12 rooms for the guests at the hotel. Each one of them has it’s own name and individual face. Travelling from one room to another, we are as if moving in the time and fantasy machine: from refined atmosphere of Venice Palacco, get to the rancho of American cowboy, from Mexican bedroom – to chalet, from rural simplicity of Russian house – to the oriental boudoir. Even the age of the visitors is taken into consideration – there is entertainment for the kids, for amateurs of the warmness and cosiness there is a fireplace lighted up in the guest sitting room. For the amateurs of the active rest there is a barbecue in the garden, rent of bicycles can be organized and sauna available. All of that reminds the famous travel of Alice in Wonder land. All rooms are absolutely different and the guests can choose one they prefer or change them each time they visit.

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The wooden part of Villa Amata is situated in the shadow of the trees and it seems that the nature has got into the house. Branches, tree bark, warmth of the real wood and plenty of green plants. For those who like the walks in the old garden and value simplicity and naturalness, we advise to choose the old wooden part of the villa. Old staircase creaking under your feet, old wooden windows, the feeling of the atmosphere of the last century will leave you unforgettable impressions. 

The new part of Villa Amata – is a modern house, that is the integral continuation of the wooden part. The rooms are more spacious, with balconies, the stair case is wider and more comfortable.



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